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Expression can be an imprint of individualism we bring to the world, a reveling in a sense of free will, a finding of our own voice.

One of the Four Cornerstones of Meaning in our model, Expression is a source of meaning for the artist, the activist, and…well, everyone. This section will explore things further, providing case studies and psychology regarding expression and meaning, barriers and solutions to harness meaning in this way, and even lists of resources for you to take personal expression to the next level.


Service is the giving that gives back.

When we contribute to something or someone that we sincerely care about, we feel a sense of meaning and purpose. The nature of this cornerstone is probably the most easy to grasp of the four. Simply put, taking action for reasons that we believe in feels much better than doing something for no reason, or despite our beliefs.

What is Altruism? Can I serve others by listening? What are some virtues of service?