I'm a freelance photographer, writer, and videographer with experience in journalism, commercial and outdoor industries. Skilled in Videography, Multimedia, Branding & Identity, recently I began a creative agency with Colorado Collective. Over the years, I've sidelined as an educator, entrepreneur and outdoor guide around the mountains of the west. 

My commercial business, Outer Woods Media, primarily focuses on photography, videography and journalism projects in and out of state. I work with musicians, local businesses, and creative agencies to produce short films and photo essays. I also create documentary-style wedding films and photography, as well as portrait sessions for musicians on tour. 

I've worked for editorial publications like Vice/Motherboard, Budget Travel and various outdoor brands in Colorado. I have interned at the Documentary Institute at the University of Florida, among other New York publications. 

 Photo by: Brooke Svitak,  Non-Native Photography

Photo by: Brooke Svitak, Non-Native Photography


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